What's exactly the matter with me?  is a first person account of an extraordinary life   through the most fascinating years of American and English musical culture.

This is a story of dreams, success, destruction and miraculous resurrection--The story of  one of the  most mysterious songwriters in American music: P.F. Sloan.


P.F.Sloan, is considered to be elusive, prolific and one of the influential geniuses to emerge from the golden age of the 1960s.   From the small independent Dunhill Records, P.F Sloan became a veritable revolutionary and artistic hit machine. Starting with Barry McGuires Number one record  "Eve Of Destruction," and his own recording, "Sins Of A Family (Fall On The Daughter)" Sloan found himself under attack right from the start by the traditionalist folk world,  the press and the music industry.  How did this teenager become known as a danger to society?


Curiously, he began  his recording and writing career at Alladin Records, the famous R&B label, at the tender age of thirteen after a chance encounter with Elvis Presley! He re-emerges as the head of A&R for Screen Gems Music West Coast at sixteen, while still a junior in high school .  During this apprenticeship of  songwriting, arranging and producing he receives an enigmatic package of four demo acetates from one Brian Epstein.  And  becomes a champion  for his unknown group  in the U.S.A. a year before their  historical Ed Sullivan Show appearance--The Beatles.


Thus began a pilgrimage through pop history!  Rising to the top on the world stage and fame to silence.  People have been asking for  many years,  I have been seeking P.F. Sloan but no one knows where he has gone!


He's here and now, taking us inside his remarkable journey with humor and insight.


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